Your Partner in Recovery Success

Your Partner in Recovery Success

Having a stroke sucks…what now?

All of the sudden, through no fault of your own, life changes dramatically! You feel helpless…in many areas of your life, physically and mentally. It also takes its toll Spiritually. This leads to a drastic downfall in the trust you’ve always had in yourself and leaves you angry. 

I am very familiar with this anger. I too had a stroke. These were some of the phrases I used after the stroke.“I’m “Pissed that this happened to me!” “I’m so frustrated by my own in-ability to…” “I can think of what to say, but can’t get it out.” “I used to be so Strong and Confident. What’s happened to me?” As a matter of fact, I didn’t care how I said it, or who heard it.

Prior to my stroke, I was the Sales Manager and Owner of a multi-million dollar company that was growing, and then it happened. 


Before I knew it, my partners wanted to buy me out due to non-performance issues. What a “Game-Changer” that was!

A stroke is a significant change in life. The current manner in which we are doing or even thinking about things is affected. There were two things that were obvious to me that really changed after having my stroke. My Confidence and My Resolve. (solution) To Fix It And Get Help Wasn’t There. I no longer had the perseverance to get up and fight for myself or even ask for help. 

Like me, after having a stroke, survivors face a huge decrease in their confidence. We feel that we aren’t as sharp as we used to be. We begin doubting our mental abilities to make great choices in many facets of life.  Namely, the way we look, our movements, how we think, on and on… We lose our strength in finding a solution to problems. We tend to give up easily and lean on others because we are afraid that we will make the wrong choice and others will notice. 

The truth is that it takes dedicated perseverance to obtain results after having a stroke. You must ask yourself if you are willing to put in the hard work, time, and actions needed to change. 


Only YOU can make this choice! Not your Doctor, Therapist, Rehab Personnel, or even Your Own Family! 

Ask yourself these questions: 

            1.  Am I willing? This is going to take a commitment on your part. Are you sure you are prepared and eager to make a positive difference in your life? 

            2.  Am I ready? Are you really ready to make some changes in order to move forward in life? 

            3.  Do I have what it takes? Can you put some new habits in your life that will transform your personal growth moving forward?

There is no doubt. It takes hard work and on-going action, but it will make your life exciting again. 

You Can DO This! 

If you are reading this, then you do have what it takes to make a HUGE DIFFERENCE for the better in your life. Think about what life will be like when you feel confident again. When you feel strong about who you are and what you do. Will it be tough? YES! Will it be worth it? YES! 

Remember, nothing worth having is easy. 

You can be the one who shows that you are not only a winner, but one who doesn’t give up easily when you’ve been given a challenge as big as this.

Decide now to live the rest of your life to the fullest!

Committed to YOUR Recovery!!


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