Your Partner in Recovery Success

Your Partner in Recovery Success

Do you have faith?

Today, I wanted to talk a bit about faith. Let’s talk first about the emotional distress, along with the physical distress of stroke. The #’s actually say that 33% of people with stroke have a depressed feeling after stroke. I am here to tell you that over 85% of the people that I talk to, …

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Attitude is Critical

This morning, I’m thinking about my own attitude. I’ve had a busy few weeks, as I’m sure you have as well, and I have to remember to keep my own attitude in check. There are times, especially as a stroke warrior, when we must remind ourselves not to allow quick responses to whatever presents itself …

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Life is Short.

I, like everyone else, can find myself getting a bit negative and frustrated at times. It’s been busy and a little challenging these past few weeks. I let myself worry about things that have no real meaning. In the past two weeks, we have lost two people who have been important in our lives. Although …

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Show Yourself Grace

At times we think about how hard this change is that we are experiencing. I know, it can really be an uphill battle, especially at first. Being kind to yourself as you continue to grow and regain your own strength and motivations can be a hard thing. We need grace and, believe it or not, …

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Support and Accountability

I’ve been thinking about accountability and support this morning. Yesterday, we had a Stroke Warrior Meeting, and on the call I had Becca Switzer with Neuro Base Camp join in and discuss “Persistent Pain”. It was a good session, but in that meeting I started thinking about our own accountabilities within. You can watch the …

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Here is My Story

This is a bit different for me, but today I thought I’d share a bit about my own story. The reason I thought to do this is because the question does come up…and there is encouragement that may help you in your post-stroke journey. I hope you know that this is to serve you. These …

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Are you making good choices?

As I sit here this morning, I’m thinking about my priorities. As we go through this life that we are living, no matter what we have been given, we have a lot of decisions to make. These decisions are made every day…every hour…every minute really. We are constantly making choices about our day. I think …

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Does Your Caregiver Know?

This past week we had a new person that is going to lead our Caregiver Group join us. What a great meeting we had. Feel free to watch it here​ As I was thinking about this meeting and preparing for it, it made me re-think about the importance of our own caregivers. Maybe you …

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Are you a goal-setter?

Thought I’d send out a unique blog post today. I am a believer in goal setting. Actually, I have been this way for quite some time. If you aren’t this type of person, I understand. However, I believe it is a huge key in making progress before or after having a negative thing happen. When …

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Make a New Commitment

As we move into this last month of the year, I think about setting up a new commitment to myself. Not only to myself, but for my family as well. Yes! I did have a stroke. Yes! I have changed from what I used to do and be. But, it doesn’t mean it is time …

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Have Faith.

Today, I wanted to talk a bit about faith. Let’s talk first about the emotional distress, along with the physical distress of stroke. The #’s actually say that 33% of people with stroke have a depressed feeling after stroke. I am here to tell you that over 85% of the people that I talk to, and or meet, …

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Life can be unpredictable.

“Be consistent in your motivation.” These were the words that I had written on a note to talk about this week; but in all honesty, it’s an absolute load of b.s. Truth is we live a life of unpredictable variables that are constantly finding ways to seep under our skin. Tragic life events, loss of friends, employers who …

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Recognition is Internal.

I’m having a conversation with my friend Ben this morning, and he reminds me about the internal conversations we all have. As we talked about this, he thought it would be a good subject to share with you. There are times in this “After-Stroke” and/or “Brain Injury” life that we all must face…Recognition that we are going through …

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