Your Partner in Recovery Success

Your Partner in Recovery Success

Recognition is Internal.

I’m having a conversation with my friend Ben this morning, and he reminds me about the internal conversations we all have.

As we talked about this, he thought it would be a good subject to share with you.

There are times in this “After-Stroke” and/or “Brain Injury” life that we all must face…Recognition that we are going through something that is very, very difficult.

  • Going to Physical and Occupational Therapists
  • Learning how, if ever, to drive again
  • Talking the same, or even at all
  • Visual problems
  • Balance issues
  • Pain
  • Weakness

Although most of these are a physical ailments that we have, I want to address the Mental Fatigue a bit.

This is something that is apparent in most of us after stroke.

We tire easily and feel that our own energy levels are depleted.

If we continue to move forward without acknowledging this, we can quickly move into a stress level that is hard to come out of.

The realness of having this mental fatigue can be excruciating at times, as well as distressing for us and others.

It can take longer to accomplish things and to regain the energy needed to continue moving forward.

Then, we need to lay down and rest our brains in order to continue on.

Being aware of this is critical in your healing process.

Now, let’s have a little conversation about Recognition.

A lot of times we feel that we aren’t being acknowledged for the strength and mental growththat it takes to continue on.

Others don’t, and frankly cannot, understand the true emotional and physical aspects of having a stroke. They can see how hard we are working toward gaining growth, but to truly know it, just isn’t going to happen.

At times we wonder why, and are not always the friendliest toward them.

We’ve got to think about our own impact and remember this!

You and I are not going to have an understanding from others about what we are going through. Not completely at least.

Our family and friends can TRY to understand, but it is sometimes a lonely road.

Our own “Internal Conversation” is critical at this point!

So…what are you telling yourself?

  • Are you being resilient?
  • Are you being positive?
  • Are you looking toward great growth?

I know, I know…It isn’t easy to have great thoughts and be positive all the time.

However, by acknowledging and working toward this is critical for your growth as you move ahead.

How do you move forward on this?

One of the first things we must do, is to find and work toward our own values.

  • What are meant by values? Values describe the personal qualities we choose to embody that guide our actions; the sort of person we want to be; the manner in which we treat ourselves and others, and our interaction with the world around us. They provide the general guidelines for conduct.
  • How clearly do you notice your values and work toward them? Let me ask…are you committed to what is most important in your life? Are you internally SELF-AWARE of this as well? This is a huge step toward making great choices in your value driven life.

Values can be a determining factor that help you and I grow into what is most important in our life.

Recognizing these values is a critical piece to your growth and commitment toward having a great post-stroke (or TBI) life.

Being Self-Aware of your own values is very critical to your growth.

It is my desire that you are paying attention and growing toward the person that you long for.

Committed to YOUR Recovery!


P.S. Here’s a quick video about Self-Judgement that you might find helpful!! AND, if you are interested in getting some help toward growing yourself and recognizing your own greatness, be sure to schedule a call with me here.

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