Your Partner in Recovery Success

Your Partner in Recovery Success

Life is Short.

I, like everyone else, can find myself getting a bit negative and frustrated at times.

It’s been busy and a little challenging these past few weeks.

I let myself worry about things that have no real meaning.

In the past two weeks, we have lost two people who have been important in our lives.

Although it is sad, I also think about how they contributed to their family and friends, and analyze how I might become a better person as I move closer to leaving this earth.

I know…why am I talking about this?

We have to remember that life is too short to be worrying about the simple, stupid things that can consume our thoughts.

When I really look at things, I need to be very thankful for where I am today.

I get to help others, which is what I love to do, and I have a great support system in place.

It’s time to get back to what is most important in our lives…Family/Friends/Health/Purpose.

You can’t buy these things…

Although we all know how important money is in our lives, the things that make us happy and fulfilled from the inside takes effort that money doesn’t offer.

Things like our time, relationships, character, emotional well-being, love, and of course, just our own happiness.

These are huge values.

These days, it seems that we all live in such a materialistic world, doesn’t it?

But we have to remember that the long-term benefits of a successful life doesn’t always equate to a bank statement.

Having the right BASE foundation after having a stroke is key in not only obtaining, but continuing the right emotional energy, as you build and grow yourself.

These are Key Principles in growing your attitude and thoughts after having a stroke.

No one talked to me about these things after my stroke.

I went to the different Dr.’s, Neurologists, and Therapists, but no one helped me with what I really needed. To regain my own confidence in myself again…to know how to get past some of these challenges we all face.

Yes, we all have negative thoughts, feelings and those times we just feel down. However, once you have a plan that you can work toward, you will be on track. (Watch this past 4 minute post I made last December about this very thing)

The BASE Program is about regaining your confidence in order to live a productive, healthy, and happy life.

Belief dives into the importance of trusting yourself and knowing that you can regain some confidence.

Attitude helps you control your own behaviors…it helps to change your thoughts about yourself and gain power.

Strength helps you use your own struggles in order to develop that mental strength that is needed today.

Energy is about finding a new vision and being consistent in your own motivation.

Yes, life is short!

Having a stroke or T.B.I. is a hugely difficult burden on us personally as well as for our family members that are close to us.

But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t grow yourself again.

It doesn’t mean that you are not worthy of whatever you decide you want to move toward.

Decide to move forward today, this month, and this year.

This is critical to your own mental health and happiness.

Committed to YOUR Recovery!


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