Your Partner in Recovery Success

Your Partner in Recovery Success

Protect yourself from negative

Have you ever noticed that you feel great when you are around the right people? Those who are optimistic and treat you like you want to be treated?

No matter what kind of mood you may be in, it’s these times when you feel that extra bit of energy that we all need at times.

When you compare that to being with someone that drains the energy from you almost instantly, with the negative vibes they are sending and/or saying about everything around them, it is a huge difference.

There are people that aren’t just in a bad mood, but are chronically negative and seem to test everything and everybody they come in to contact with.

This can test your patience for sure!

Emotions are something that is contagious!

Let me ask you…Are you spending time being positive? Or are you allowing your own emotions to be like those in front of you.

Are you protecting your own energy as you continue to grow and prosper after having a stroke or traumatic brain injury?

Your own energy is what you need to move forward on this journey.

Do not let the rude person at the store, or the friend that is negative about everything, or the family member who knows everything about everything be the one that controls your own disposition.

You have control!!

Be sure you are making the choices that move you that direction.

Committed to YOUR Recovery

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