Your Partner in Recovery Success

Your Partner in Recovery Success

Leaving a Legacy

Have you ever thought about leaving a legacy?

What is a legacy anyway?

To me it has a long-lasting impact. No…not about money, but more of an action.

An impact that leads my family, and others that I am close to, with good behaviors. To let them know that I worked hard, and tried to be a good man that they could be proud of.

Now, I know that this legacy may be somewhat of a dream. But as I sit here and look at the written words that I have put down, it does move me forward toward that which is most important.

And, it is almost scary how true things come together.

Do you have something written down that can help you stay on track with what is most important to you?

I went through this exercise when I went to a large event one time.

Then, I had my coach take me through the process.

Although it was many years ago, it has stuck with me ever since.

This is one of the Stepping Stones in the BASE program.

It’s called Seven Levels Deep.

It starts out by asking “What do you want out of life?“.

Then, keep asking the question “Why” until you get deep into what really matters most for you.

It is very interesting, because if you can get deep within, you may find yourself getting emotionally involved in this process.

If you have someone you can trust, have them take you through something like this.

It can really help you to determine what is most important, so you are moving that direction in your Strength after Stroke Journey.

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