Your Partner in Recovery Success

Your Partner in Recovery Success

Make a New Commitment

As we move into this last month of the year, I think about setting up a new commitment to myself.

Not only to myself, but for my family as well.

Yes! I did have a stroke.

Yes! I have changed from what I used to do and be.

But, it doesn’t mean it is time to just let life happen!

It is a great time of the year to reflect on what has happened and move into what can we do with the time we still have.

I want to challenge you here…

Take some time to visualize your ideal life.

Think back to when you had your stroke…Haven’t you grown since then?

I like to challenge stroke warriors to pay attention to their own growth, whether that is on a journal, a recorded video, a statement on a device, or getting reminders from their own family.

By doing this it can give hope and build your confidence that you are moving forward with your life.

Challenge yourself to be the creator of your own destiny as you go forward.

This decision can only be made by you!!

Then, continue to do it again and again.

We all know that life throws anything and everything at us. We all have different situations that compromise our own growth and commitments we have made…but that is the nature of the beast.

Re-evaluate what is happening every week if you need to. Just keep moving forward!

Each time you make this promise to yourself you are gaining.

  • You are creating more Belief in yourself.
  • You are moving your Attitude forward.
  • You are Strengthening your mind and physical well-being.
  • You are gaining more and more Energy to continue on your own journey.

Know that you are destined to live a great life as you continue to make a new commitment to yourself.

Here is one of the modules in The BASE Program that I’d like to give you.

Value Statement 3.1.pdf

My hope is that this will help you in making 2023 a great year, while beginning your journey into having a fantastic life.

A Strength after Stroke life!

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