Your Partner in Recovery Success

Your Partner in Recovery Success

Does Your Caregiver Know?

This past week we had a new person that is going to lead our Caregiver Group join us. What a great meeting we had.

Feel free to watch it here

As I was thinking about this meeting and preparing for it, it made me re-think about the importance of our own caregivers.

Maybe you don’t have a caregiver per se…but I’ll bet that you (and I for that matter) at least have a spouse and or friend that helps you out plenty.

Caregivers don’t get enough attention!

They aren’t recognized for their awesome work most of the time.

But yet…they still do what is expected of them.

Does yours know and hear from you occasionally how important they are?

I want to reach out and make sure you give your caregiver that personal message on how great they are; how much you appreciate them today.

I’ll make a commitment with you, and I’ll be sure to send my Caregiver Wife something (Don’t want to give away the farm here as she see’s these articles haha), and you do the same for me.

Here’s a quick example of a post I had done a while back that covers this

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