Your Partner in Recovery Success

Your Partner in Recovery Success

Leaving a Legacy

Have you ever thought about leaving a legacy? What is a legacy anyway? To me it has a long-lasting impact. No…not about money, but more of an action. An impact that leads my family, and others that I am close to, with good behaviors. To let them know that I worked hard, and tried to be a …

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Here is My Story

This is a bit different for me, but today I thought I’d share a bit about my own story. The reason I thought to do this is because the question does come up…and there is encouragement that may help you in your post-stroke journey. I hope you know that this is to serve you. These …

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Sustain Your Focus.

Thinking about you this week…and I thought I’d send a quick note. We all have inner power, but sometimes we need to rediscover it, fire it up again, and think about how to sustain a focus. In order to live a life that is filled with our own potential, and one that we can be …

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You have the power.

Most of us are interested in having a good, or even a great, life. But let me ask you a question…Are you interested, or are you active, toward your future in this after stroke life? That is a pretty hard and detailed question. Are you tired of living with the outcomes of stroke? Life can be tragic …

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Discover Your Why.

Finding and working toward a goal can be a constant assessment in this after-stroke journey. Knowing that our lives have changed in ways may make it hard to find a goal and/or mission to align ourselves with. You may be wondering “How” am I going to move forward and find a “Why” again. I wrote and developed a short …

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Are You Searching?

Thought I’d share a little story that I have written in my BASE program with you… I have a friend named Steve…and he has every reason to have a terrible attitude about things. He was playing basketball and ended up with scratch on his knee. No bid deal! But that scratch just wouldn’t heal and so he …

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3 to 4 times longer

The other day I was working on my truck in order to go “overlanding” with my good friends that are into that. If you aren’t sure what it is, you can see it here;​ First of all, I’m not the best camp guy in the world! But, it is important to spend some quality …

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We are so Self-Judge-Mental

This morning as I was doing some reading and reflecting, I thought about how judgemental we can be…and when I say that, I mean how “Self-Judgmental” we can be! We are always questioning ourselves. Especially after a stroke or brain injury. Why the heck is that? Why do we blame ourselves so harshly most of the …

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You have the choice.

I’m writing this as I heal up from having a tough week. Yeah…I got sick…and what a storm it was! But, as I continue to get better and better each day I remember that I too have a choice. The choice to focus on my own BASE foundation and continue to grow and accomplish what I have set …

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Are you making good choices?

As I sit here this morning, I’m thinking about my priorities. As we go through this life that we are living, no matter what we have been given, we have a lot of decisions to make. These decisions are made every day…every hour…every minute really. We are constantly making choices about our day. I think …

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