Your Partner in Recovery Success

Your Partner in Recovery Success

3 to 4 times longer

The other day I was working on my truck in order to go “overlanding” with my good friends that are into that.

If you aren’t sure what it is, you can see it here;

First of all, I’m not the best camp guy in the world! But, it is important to spend some quality time with friends, so my wife and I are willing to do some preparation to be able to go. AND, we won’t be going for days and days, just a weekend here and there.

Not to bore you, but here is a quick pic of the back of my truck as I am preparing it.

All of this to get to the point!

Why does it take most of us Stroke Warriors three to four times longer to get something done?

I remember when my wife and I needed a new water-heater.

Now, I shouldn’t have done it myself, but I was trying to save a few bucks. Right?

I worked at it for hours and hours.

Then, after all of this time, and getting frustrated as you can imagine, I finally walked in and told her what was going on.

She came out and found the part I needed on top of the water-heater in a matter of seconds.

I was not a happy guy.

Now, here’s the truth of it.

It does take me longer to accomplish things.

It can take me three to four times longer than it used to.

If I allow it to, when I get a bit frustrated, I can go down a rabbit-hole.

I like to blame my age at times, yet let’s be real…the stroke caused a lot of it.

Other people have times they don’t know how to do things. But, due to our stroke, we hi-light the issues we see.

I hesitate to say this, because, as you know, I am a firm believer in getting better and growing my own mind back…do I think I can grow it back to where it needs to be…absolutely!!

Will it be 100% all of the time…absolutely not!!

How is this different for most folks?

It’s really not!

We are going to have some times when things don’t make sense.

Most of the time, we let these things affect us, due to the stroke. But in reality, we would have some issues without having a stroke as well.

Do yourself a favor, and let go of this!

It’s time to be okay with some things taking longer.

It’s time to continue to fight the fight that is most important in your life.

Keep working at it!

Know that you will get to where you are supposed to go…it does take some mental “where-with-all” though.

Committed to YOUR Recovery.


P.S. I believe in having a coach help me with a lot of this…AND YES, I hire them. I do this because they can help me get through a lot of my own internal problems without being bought in to my own personal issues. I think that leading people through an honest, open and inspiring way; helping them with breakthroughs, in order to have lasting change, is a critical part of my mentoring service. Check it out here:

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