Your Partner in Recovery Success

Your Partner in Recovery Success

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Thought I’d share a little story that I have written in my BASE program with you…

I have a friend named Steve…and he has every reason to have a terrible attitude about things.

He was playing basketball and ended up with scratch on his knee.

No bid deal!

But that scratch just wouldn’t heal and so he finally headed to the hospital to get it checked out.

Steve was an avid sky diver, had a great marriage and his life was moving along really well.

After his hospital review, the doc’s determined it was a very serious MRSA infection!

His next two years were hell.

Steve had 10 surgeries and was in the hospital for 14 months…and then, the unthinkable happened.

They had to amputate!

He almost lost everything…

  • He lost his job in which he was making good money
  • He lost his wife after all of the financial pressure
  • Hospital bills were overwhelming
  • On and on…

Steve had to learn to walk again.

Most folks would be so distraught with these challenges and loss; the time it would take to recover; and descending into a world of depression, anger, self-pity and often an addiction to numbing it all.

But not Steve!

He, believe it or not, got excited about the difference he could make in others’ lives as a result of his “Handicap”.

Now, Steve goes to the hospital and helps others who have lost a limb. He helps them by challenging and motivating them.

He found a power within that he didn’t recognize until after his adversity.

My message here today is that, although you and I feel those difficult emotions, the difference is how we choose to respond to them.

Are you searching for a productive and purposeful way to respond?

After a stroke, people often experience a huge emotional and behavioral change.

I know I did.

Of course, this is due to the change in our brains’ chemistry and/or the effectiveness of our situation.

Our emotions and behaviors are going to be impacted.

You may be feeling anxiety, anger, depression or a list of more emotions at times.

But…true disability is the refusal to adapt!

Are you willing to adapt to your current situation like Steve did?

You are not your condition!

Are you willing to take a little bit of risk to have that potential opportunity?

When the $%^& hits the fan, how do you chose to respond?

You know that I am with you here...I am in your corner Ben.

Let’s continue to move forward and choose to respond by focusing on what it takes to manage your emotions and developing a mindset for success.

Here is a quick 30 minute video on the BASE (Belief.Attitude.Strength.Energy) Program and how it might help.

BASEhelps you gain confidence after stroke. Please listen and share with other Stroke Warriors/Caregivers/Family Members, etc.

  • You can skip to 2:00 in to see if BASE will help you
  • 4:00 is the FREE Mentoring Call that is available
  • My Story starts at 5:00
  • The BASE Training is 15:26 minutes in
  • 19:11 I talk about YOUR FUTURE
  • What the program entails is 27:16

Committed to YOUR Recovery!


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