Your Partner in Recovery Success

Your Partner in Recovery Success

We are so Self-Judge-Mental

This morning as I was doing some reading and reflecting, I thought about how judgemental we can be…and when I say that, I mean how “Self-Judgmental” we can be!

We are always questioning ourselves. Especially after a stroke or brain injury.

  • Why do I look the way I do?
  • Why do I sound so unprofessional at times?
  • Oh man! They must think I’m a …..(fill in the line)!
  • Everyone is noticing me and how I walk, talk, or react.
  • I forgot the words…they all must think I’m nuts.

Why the heck is that?

Why do we blame ourselves so harshly most of the time?

I suppose that as we grew up, we weren’t supposed to toot our own horn.

Our folks tried to help us learn how to be thankful and respectful to others.

Nothing wrong with that, but we learned to be non-appreciative of all we do at times.

I want to challenge you today!

See the good in yourself.

Task yourself to appreciate and to love YOU!!!

Yes! Even after such an event in your life.

Make a point of noticing the things that you do for others…the things that you do, without thinking, that help those around you.

A lot of time, we get so focused on helping others’ that we don’t pay attention to ourselves.

I’m asking you to PAY ATTENTION to yourself today!

Notice when you do something good.

Give yourself that little “Pat on the back” so to speak.

No-one else needs to know. But YOU DO!

You are a great person!

I know it!

Do you???

Are you self-judging, or are you self-compassionate, today.

Maybe, just maybe, you’ll notice just how important you are and give yourself a lift up.

Committed to YOUR Recovery!


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