Your Partner in Recovery Success

Your Partner in Recovery Success

You have the choice.

I’m writing this as I heal up from having a tough week.

Yeah…I got sick…and what a storm it was!

But, as I continue to get better and better each day I remember that I too have a choice.

The choice to focus on my own BASE foundation and continue to grow and accomplish what I have set out to do.

Does it have to be every day? No!

But by choosing to “not stay stuck” in my own limitations, I can change and grow as I continue on my own journey.

Of course there will be those times, days, maybe even weeks of doubt.

By choosing to move through that…taking a breath now and again, and continuing to take that “one small step” each day, gives you and me the ability to move toward our own passion and goals.

As you build more and more belief in yourself, there will be a growth that is exponential.

You may not notice it, which is why I am a huge believer in tracking your progress, but it is there just the same.

Know that, at times, you will have to overcome that negative self-talk that creeps in…those thoughts, that we all have, that tell us “you can’t do this” or “I can’t make it”.

By creating some new and constructive self-talk to combat those automatic negative programs, you will be taking action toward your own strengths.

I”m a big believer in having someone that you can talk with. A coach, mentor, or a partner that can question and challenge you.

Someone that will push you, yet has empathy for the situation.

A person that can help give you that inspiration that we all need at times.

Encouragement will help you move forward to rejuvenate your life.

Are you connecting to those things that fulfill you? Things that make you feel worthy and unique.

Maybe it’s time to think a bit about your own core values. Establishing some more meaning in what is most important to you.

Make sure you are making a commitment to yourself!

Making the commitment doesn’t mean that you won’t have setbacks…but it does mean that you won’t give up!

Each small step toward your own livelihood is key to living a great life after stroke. A Strength after Stroke life!

Committed to YOUR recovery!


PS: I have changed the price of The BASE Program. It is time to offer this 15 module program, that teaches how to gain confidence and live a productive life, for a one-time cost of only $47.95. There are interactive .pdf’s for each module, and each module is only 5 to 15 minutes long. My hope is that it can help you grow and prosper…and continue on your own strength after stroke journey.

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