Your Partner in Recovery Success

Your Partner in Recovery Success

Being Happy and Content

As I was writing in my journal this morning, the thought came to me…What do I still want to do with my life?.

What can I do that will bring me happiness and contentment before I am not able to do it any longer?

What is most important as I make this journey?

Writing things down, and/or recording them is a critical piece in your own future.

Ask yourself:

  • What am I going to work toward as I move forward in my life?
  • What will I study?
  • What will I give my precious time toward?

Then I wrote the word GROWTH!

This word helped me to write down some of those critically important items.

I’m going to challenge you today.

Carve out the time, whether it is early morning, or whenever you can get some personal quality time to yourself.

Spend a half-hour or more thinking about what is most important to you as you continue on your personal journey.

Meditate and/or Pray on what is most important to you before you move out of this world.

Then, get it put somewhere that can keep you accountable to that each and every day.

Think about some of the things that will motivate you to make great choices moving forward.

Things like:

  • Your Spritual Journey
  • Your Love for Family/Friends
  • Your Knowledge Growth
  • How do you want others’ to perceive you when you exit this planet

Lastly, remember the positive’s of this life you are now having.

If you were to be taken today, would you be happy and content with what you have done? Would you be okay within?

Most of us know we have a long way to go, but will you make an impact on those you love?

I hope you are thinking about these things.

My prayer is that you find what makes you Happy and Content as you journey on.

Committed to YOUR Recovery!

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