Your Partner in Recovery Success

Your Partner in Recovery Success

Persistence is Critical

This morning I was thinking about persistence.

That doesn’t mean that things will always be easy. Or, if you want something to happen right away that it does.

Life is filled with challenges.

After a stroke and/or head injury, we often feel as though we are taking one step forward and two steps back.

However, once you make a commitment to continue toward that which will help you endure and grow, you are on the right pathway to finding your motivation and drive toward a new passion and/or purpose.

So…let’s discuss motivation and drive a bit!

  • What makes you feel great? You may need to schedule and think about this very thing. Put some time on your calendar, or just decide that you will get up first thing in the morning and reflect on what makes you happy as you do it. It may take a day, or two, or more, but start the process.
  • What could make you feel successful? Success is a funny word sometimes. To me, it is working toward and accomplishing a purpose that fulfills me. You may have to think about your purpose. A lot of times we wonder “Why Me?” as we have gone through such an event. Please remember that you aren’t the only person. There are many folks who have experienced many different problems in their life. As a matter of fact, I believe that everyone has their fair share of problems. But you must decide to move forward and find that which makes you feel successful. Don’t worry about what others think…find it for yourself.
  • Are you willing to do to move yourself forward? Are you ready to keep working at this? Let me ask you…what is more important to your future than preparing and taking action toward your own well-being? Think about how you are going to feel when you reach a certain goal. What will your experience be like knowing that you are working on YOU and that you put this in high regard?

These can easily be negative thoughts after a stroke. We can have a hard time figuring out what inspires us to continue.

It’s so easy to get pulled in many directions, from trying to get ourselves better, to fitting in with others while still figuring out why this happened to us.

But, are you planning toward your own success? Have you decided that it is time to move the needle forward?

I’m going to ask you to put some energy and time into this…it may sound simple, but it can be a hard thing to do. However, it is going to be worth every ounce of effort you inject toward being motivated.

As you think about being persistent, it is important to know what makes you tick. You’ve got to figure yourself out a bit. Go through the points above and continue to work at this.

Be honest with yourself.

Be conscious about it.

It’s not always easy and can be very frustrating. The limitations that were put on us through our disability can make it so. Things that took an hour before, may take three hours now. But let me say this…So What!

Although it is a life changing event and your life has changed, it is time to get on with it. It is time to find that passion and then be persistent toward moving that direction.

I don’t mean to be tough, but it’s up to you to know you can find what makes you happy. Then, move toward that each and every day.

Pick your battles as they come, but continue to move forward.

One day, you will look back and be happy for being persistent toward yourself.

Committed to YOUR Recovery!

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