Your Partner in Recovery Success

Your Partner in Recovery Success

Strengthen Your Mindset

Think about the days after your stroke.

How mentally strong were you?

Were you even thinking about your journey back to a “normal” self?

Most of us weren’t thinking of anything really…we were just there and in survival mode.

As we begin to “wake up” from our medical situation, we begin to worry about what happens next.

Will I be able to:

  • Talk correctly?
  • Walk correctly?
  • Remember my past?

Then, thinking about post-recovery, will I be able to:

  • Have a normal life?
  • Work again in the same capacity?
  • Can I afford the right kind of therapy needed?

This list goes on forever it seems!

There is no doubt that you experienced some adversity following your stroke.

For most of us, the aftermath of having the stroke can be extremely devastating to our lives and to everything we hold dear.

Our lives were turned upside down, and it is a challenge to deal with the changes that were thrust upon us as a result.

However, adversity can advance your pursuit of greatness.

Your Positive Mindset is Key

I’m not being unrealistic about this.

Understand that, while none of us can do everything we imagine, you and I are much stronger than we think.

Let’s face it, we are not the only ones who have had challenges in our lives. Think back to some of the folks you know that have overcome, and are working their butts off, to get better and enjoy the journey moving forward.

If others can bounce back, so can you!

It may take a while. We don’t always know how long. But you may even feel happier after this event.

Now, don’t throw me under the bus here…not yet!

I can honestly say that I am happier now than I was before my stroke.

I realized that I didn’t have control over the experience of having a stroke. I did have control over my mind, my attitude, and my responses.

  • It’s time to make the decision.
  • It’s time to decide that you are going to focus on the growth that you know you can accomplish.
  • It’s time to reduce the depression that you may be feeling.

Work hard to not just focus on your own problems, but think about how you can help someone else.

Think about inspiring others in order for them to overcome their own challenges.

Through this time of strengthening your own mindset and helping others, you will experience a Post-traumatic Growth that will benefit you for the rest of your years.

This can open up, help you, and develop a sense of the new opportunities in your after stroke experience.

Be thinking about your own Strength after Stroke as you continue on your growth journey.

Committed to YOUR recovery!

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