Your Partner in Recovery Success

Your Partner in Recovery Success

Grace and Gratitude

I help quite a few warriors out there, and one in particular gave me some great stuff on a call the other day.

Remember where you are now!

A lot of us think about where we have been, and we have trouble making the change into the “After-Stroke” person that we are today.

This can be a hard, real fact!

Most of the time as I visit with the many different stroke warriors out there, I find that the biggest majority of us know that our lives are now different and we have a hard time dealing with that change.

Not only do we have to deal with the change personally, but our family members deal with it too.

A lot of them don’t have a clue as to what we have gone through…or are going through today.

Even the simplest things like sounds that can hurt our brain as we hear them.

We can get caught up in all that has happened in our after stroke life.

Please don’t get entangled in the cycle of this, and thinking only about the past.

Remember, in order to overcome these things, you can talk them out with your spouse, a loved one or a coach.

Vent it out in order to get the “Cancer” out of your system.

Yes, you are still here with us. I think there is a reason for this.

You are here now!

This is a good thing.

Look for the positive in it.

Think about the Grace that you now have.

Enjoy it and have Gratitude for where you are today.

Think it through…What is GREAT in your life?

Find the reason and/or reasons for this and enjoy the journey of moving the direction you are intended for.

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