Your Partner in Recovery Success

Your Partner in Recovery Success


Attitude is a Choice

Letting you know that today you have a choice. You can choose to make the day a good day, even if things don’t seem to go your way. Having a good attitude toward what is most important in your life, as you move forward after stroke, is a decision that only you can make. My …

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Do You Have What It Takes?

After a stroke, one of two thoughts will most likely be going on in your brain. The first is “Why Me?” and the second is “Now What?” Both of these questions can roll into the desire of looking for answers that you may have trouble finding a solution to. It is easy to get down on yourself after …

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Are You Ready??

Are you ready to make a positive change in your life? Everyone will answer a resounding “YES”! However, are you really ready? Shortly after my stroke, I would say “I am ready to move forward and make the necessary changes” in order to see some positive results in life, but then, I wouldn’t do anything about it. …

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Having a stroke sucks…what now?

All of the sudden, through no fault of your own, life changes dramatically! You feel helpless…in many areas of your life, physically and mentally. It also takes its toll Spiritually. This leads to a drastic downfall in the trust you’ve always had in yourself and leaves you angry.  I am very familiar with this anger. …

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